corwin p.
Now I have to look for shelter and food. So now I am walking and walking to try find food and shelter. I'm really mad that my ship left me. It is unreal.

Mrs. Waugh
09/01/2010 00:27

What about your other discovery blog entries and his meetings with the natives??? This information still needs to be added to this assignment. Sources and map??

01/22/2011 01:31

hey corwin hows it going whats up any thing happen while i was gone well comment back kks bye


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    alvar nunez cabeza de vaca

    Cabeza de Vaca was born in Spain. He sailed for King Charles the 1st. He did not intend to find anything. His ship wrecked. Then he found some friendly indians and stayed with them for a year, then he found his three ship mates.


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