corwin p.
Now I have to look for shelter and food. So now I am walking and walking to try find food and shelter. I'm really mad that my ship left me. It is unreal.

Since it is such a long voyage we do not have enough supplise.  So we have to stop and get supplies.  Now we are getting supplies. since I am the captian I have to get off the boat and get all the supplies.  I also have to sign the paper.  But now my boat is leaving me. what is happening

Land Ho!!!!!!!! 08/30/2010
surviving the storm we are making repairs on the boat.  As we wake up to a sound we have not heard in a very long time. it was the sound of birds chirping.  As any sailor knows its a day until we reach land. this is a day I will remember forever April 9 1528.
The rough sea 08/26/2010
I wonder if my soldier dad would be proud of me.  wow I never have sailed in such weather.  It is really hard to be sailing in a storm.  I have never seen such big waves.  If we survive this storm I wonder what we are going to find.
The begining 08/16/2010
Today I am sailing for King Charles the 1st.  I like to be sailing.  sailing is really fun.  King Charles says we are suppose to find gold but, we do not intend to find anything. I am the captain of this expedition and I am really happy about that.

    alvar nunez cabeza de vaca

    Cabeza de Vaca was born in Spain. He sailed for King Charles the 1st. He did not intend to find anything. His ship wrecked. Then he found some friendly indians and stayed with them for a year, then he found his three ship mates.


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